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Using food and seasonal cleanses, you can live in harmony with nature's rhythms, all year long.


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to create dynamic balance by integrating the ancient wisdom of Eastern medicine into your modern life. 

We offer you an environment for you to feel safe and supported as you transition into making more permanent lifestyle changes.

This is accomplished through guided cleanses, seasonal lifestyle kits, personal consultations, and treatments. We have a passion for educating you on how to create simple changes that help you live a more connected and healthier life.

Our Values

Guiding + Teaching


Desire to Help

Cultivate Compassion in Your View of Your Health

Encouragement in the Face of Fear

How We've Helped

Just after 3 days I am no longer bloated, I digest better, and I have a lot more energy.
— 3 Day Detox Client 2018
This cleanse was a platform to rethink and reorganize my eating habits with the constant reminder to fully explore how what I eat affects my physical body and energy level and my mental health and my emotions.
— Heather Spring Cleanse Participant 2017