Want to re-set digestion but can not commit to the 7 day or our start times? This 3 day cleanse is a quick re-set to the digestive tract with minimal herbs and no before and after clean eating; just strait kitchari.  If you have never cleansed before, curious about cleansing, want to increase your digestive fire, and/or deal with bloating and indigestion, this cleanse might be a good place to start. You can choose to start when it fits best with your schedule.

Kitchari is an Ayurvedic dish made from basmati rice, dhal, and spices that clean and support the body. It is important to note this is NOT a fasting or starvation cleanse. We recommend three meals a day with no snacking. If you do find yourself hungry it is perfectly ok to eat an apple or some of the recipes included in your cleanse manual.  


kitchari Ayurvedic dish

This is only a 3 day detox so we will not be doing an intake form and we will not be supporting your detox one on one. If you would like, you can set up an appointment with Lesha or Maile or purchase detoxing supplies from our store separately in addition to the cost of the cleanse. 


All of the actual cleansing takes place in the convince of your own home. 

Cost of the cleanse covers detox manual, 3 days worth of Kitchari, a digestive support herb, tongue scraper, massage oil and ghee. In addition to the cleanse you may want to purchase coco-nut oil for oil pulling, a silk glove for the skin and additional herbs. You might be interested in additional herbs and pro-biotics after the cleanse is over. This is NOT included in the fees but may be purchased through us at any time.   


You can start the cleanse with the rest of the community in October or November if you wish. We understand sometimes you just need a start date and need a group to stay motivated. However we also understand our cleanses start  on a Tuesday and it might be difficult with your schedule to detox Tuesday- Thursday. Therefore you are welcome to start the cleanse at any time that works with your schedule. You can contact us anytime with help or questions.