"Thank you I enjoyed doing the cleanse with other people, it didn't feel as lonely out there knowing others were doing it too!"

Our Story 

As practitioners, we have worked with thousands of people seeking healing. As women, we have sought our own healing. Through the years, we have seen and tried most modalities, fads, and ideas.

But it was the healing that we experienced, both personally and clinically, as we sank deeper into the theory and practice of Eastern medicine that inspired and healed us. It truly transformed us--physically, mentally and emotionally--and this is what brought us together to create JIVA.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create dynamic balance in the body, mind, and spirit by integrating the ancient wisdom of Eastern medicine into modern life. 

We provide personalized instruction for enhancing life through combining our expertise in the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and aspects of Western medicine such as holistic nutrition, exercise, and body work.

We offer a community environment for our clients to feel safe and supported as they transition into making more permanent lifestyle changes for health based upon their individual constitution. Through online education, classes and trainings, guided cleanses, cooking classes, retreats, and personal consultations, and treatments, you can learn what your body needs in order to balance all of your physiological processes.

Core Beliefs

·       Health is dynamic balance -- knowing what the body needs and having an understanding of how to respond to those needs.

·       The core practices and principles of Eastern medicine provide the way to achieve dynamic balance.

·       Healing is a process of expansion, of adding awareness, and adding possibility while accepting struggle and limitations.

·       Each of us have an individual constitution, or biological organization, that governs all physio-pathological changes in the body.

·       Knowing and living according to your constitution is the foundation for transformation.