JIVA Fall Cleanse:

7 Day Detox  



What is this cleanse?

The Jiva Fall Cleanse is a one-week, home-based cleanse designed to reset the body and digestive functions through a gentle detoxification that will prepare your body for winter. The cleanse is broken down into three phases (see below) over seven days. This fall we are offering multiple start dates so you can choose the timing that best fits your lifestyle. Please note that the cleanses start on a TUESDAY. We do this so that your main fasting and rest day can be on Saturday. It takes about 5 days to ship the cleanse so please plan accordingly.          


Goals of the cleanse:

  • Determine what you are doing that does not collaborate with your body.  

  • Flush stagnant organs and lymph. 

  • Rebuild your digestive system. 

  • Optimize your natural ability to detoxify. 

  • Prepare the immune system for winter.

  • Rebuild your digestive system.

  • Balance your blood sugar. 


Phase 1 is 4 days of simple, clean eating

  • The staple of the cleanse is kitchari, an Ayurvedic dish made from basmati rice, dhal, and spices that clean and support the body. This is eaten for two of your meals each day for 4 days.

  • We eat healthy, foods: no sugar, dairy, gluten, or caffeine. We try to limit snacking to balance blood sugar.

  • This phase cleanses the digestive tract with simple foods and a high fiber diet.

  • It also opens up the lymph, blood, and tissues via lymphatic self massage and the diet changes.

  • We use simple herbs to re-set the digestive fire to it's natural state.

Past 2 is a 1 day fast

  • You have the option to do a full fast for 24 hours or a partial fast by sipping on bone broth and drinking vegetable juice.

  • The end of your fast is followed by an enema to flush out all the toxins brought to your digestive tract from Phase 1 and to assist the body in the transition from summer to winter.

Phase 3 is 2 days of post cleanse

  • Continue to eat kitchari, no sugar, caffeine, dairy or gluten.

  • Continue to eat 3 meals a day.

  • Add in probiotics and medicated jam to prepare the body for winter.

It is important to note this is NOT a starvation cleanse. You will be nourished the entire time and have permission to eat as much as you need to stay full. Chances are you will experience an emotional cleansing as well as your body is releasing toxins. This is NOT a time to participate in high level sports or activities. This IS a time to do gentle yoga, walking meditation, sun salutations, and spend time in nature reflecting. You will be able to continue to work and participate in family life.  


After asking a few questions we will have a better understanding of your constitution, or body type.

  • Based upon your constitution we will recommend one of two herbs that will best support you during the cleanse.

  • Daily supportive emails.

  • We offer personal support during the 10 days via phone consultations and emails as needed.

  • You are able to connect with us before, during, and after the cleanse as needed. If you need more support than emails or calls we recommend you set up a regular session with us in one of our offices. This price is not included in the cleanse fee.


All of the actual cleansing takes place in the convince of your own home. 

 Cost of the FALL CLEANSE KIT (199.00 + tax) covers cleanse manual, 2 herbal formulas, 7 ready to make packets of Kitchari, organic ghee, detox tea, tongue scraper, massage  and enema oil, enema kit, 2 days worth of pro-biotics and shipping. You may be interested in the FALL CLEANSE DELUX KIT (279.00 + tax) which is everything in the regular kit with the addition of coconut oil for oil pulling, a silk glove for the skin and medicated jam. You might be interested in additional herbs and pro-biotics after the cleanse is over. This is NOT included in the fees but may be purchased through us at any time.   

This year we are offering multiple start dates. We recommend that you start on a Tuesday so that your fast day starts on a Saturday. Start dates include: October 23rd, November 6th, November 13, November 20th and November 27th. Please allow for 5 days of shipping so be sure plan accordingly! For example if you plan to start on October 23rd you would need to register by October 17th. 


Cleanse with a group and get a discount!

Want to cleanse with a group of friends? Get your buddies and do this together! If you get at least 4 others to cleanse with you, you'll each get a group discount. Start whenever you want between October 23rd and November 6th and just let us know. You get the same cleanse, support and emails but now you have a group of your friends to do it with you!    


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