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We provide you personalized instruction for enhancing your personal life through combining our expertise in the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and aspects of Western medicine such as holistic nutrition, exercise, and body work to help you:


  • Learn about your individual, specialized body functions and body constitution,

  • Learn how individualize your own health needs according to your body and listening to your own body needs and wants, and

  • Create true, long-lasting healing, health and wellness.


We offer a community environment for you to feel safe and supported as you transition into making more permanent lifestyle changes for health based upon your individual constitution through online education, guided cleanses, cooking classes, retreats, and personal consultations.  

People are often confused about how to best care for their own health. This creates fear, isolation, and worry about what choices to make and whom to trust. By working with us, you will be guided by experts to learn about your individual constitution and how to support yourself in order to achieve optimal health. This knowledge is the foundation for removing fear, doubt, and confusion about health choices and creating simplicity in your life. It's about tuning into your own body and learning to listen to your needs.


  • We both have thousands of hours of formal education and thousands of hours of clinical experience. We strive to live this philosophy every day.

  • Our foundation is Eastern philosophy that is adapted to the modern world. We keep your busy schedule in mind and offer simple yet profound changes to your daily schedule.

  • We want to guide you into deeper levels of healing. We guide people through times of transition such as motherhood, illness, injury, and menopause using philosophies that address the mind/body connection to health.

  • It’s unique to combine TCM with Ayurveda; this will provide you an in-depth look at your health and wellness.