Seasonal Living

Lliving with the seasons is a foundational way to come into balance and create a rhythm within. It also brings out your true nature. When you are connected to and living from our true nature, you become aligned and this keeps you well.

Seasons may vary according to the region in which you are located but in general we talk about having five main seasons: spring, summer, winter, fall,and late summer. These seasons correspond to the Five Elements in Chinese medicine and the Three Doshas in Ayurveda. These two philosophies provide you with guidance in how to live according to the seasons.

You already adjust what you wear according to the season, but there are diet and lifestyle adjustments to be made as well. Some of this you may already be doing naturally, such as eating warmer and denser foods in winter than you eat in summer. But let’s look into this deeper and with each season.

dried leaves.jpg

Vata Season

The Vata season is fall and early winter. The sap withdraws from the leaves, which dry and blow away in the wind. This is the time of Metal in Chinese medicine. Metal has a cutting quality which reminds us to “let go”. This is why it is the time to cleanse - to let go of the accumulation of heat from the summer which will make space for moisture to soothe and correct dryness.

Pitta Season

The Pitta season moves from late spring to late summer, the hottest part of the year with the longer sunny days. This corresponds to Fire in Chinese medicine. Late summer, the time of harvest, relates to Earth.

Kapha Season

The Kapha season starts in winter and moves through early spring. Winter is the time of Water, and relates to the Kidney, in Chinese medicine, while Spring is the time of Wood and the liver.

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A dosha is naturally increased during the season that has similar qualities. You should take these into account in your eating and lifestyle habits especially during the season which aggravates your predominant dosha. With Jiva’s Seasonal Kit, we will guide you through each season in order to harmonize your body with your surroundings.